• By - Jessica Pettit-Mee
  • 08 August, 2019

In the heart of Clonakilty, I had the privilege of exhibiting my first collection of charcoal & soft pastel paintings in not one but two wonderful locations. My solo show “Tribe” was divided into private and public viewings. An exclusive party was held for family and friends to celebrate the exhibition and launch of my brand “Jessica Ivy” in the lavish Clonakilty Distillery. The public viewing was open over the May Bank Holiday in a local photographer’s studio upstairs above Green Dot Design Shop.

I was incredibly nervous to be showing my work for the first time. It had been 2 years of hard work, determination and dedication to prove to myself that I can be and above all say with confidence that I am an artist. I taught myself new approaches and challenged those techniques until I reached the desired effect. A million little ‘mistakes’ occurred as I got lost in a concept of creating a distinctive style, but it was only through this trail and error approach that I came out the other side with a style that can only be described as ‘mine’. When it came to showing my collection as a whole I felt vulnerable and exposed. My work was open to be judged. ‘Tribe’ is a huge personal accomplishment from initial concept, throughout the entire creative process to the finished pieces and the positive response from the public to my work since has been overwhelming.

Thank you for all your love and support but above all thank you being a member of my “Tribe”.


Following me with his camera was the incredibly talented James Conroy who put together a video to showcase the launch event.

Can you spot yourself in the video and pictures below?!

Showcase of Jessica Ivy’s launch event

Videographer - James Conroy Media

Blog cover photo - Laura Raye Photography

Launch party photos - Aoife Moynihan & Niall Mulcahy

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