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  • By - Jessica Pettit-Mee
  • 05 March, 2019

Now that Women’s History month is underway and we’re gearing ourselves up to celebrate the momentous occasion that is International Women’s Day on March 8th. Women across the globe from different cultures, working in different industries and living vastly different lifestyles to mine are all taking to Instagram with posts and stories to celebrate the voice of women. But within the industry I work in - the Arts, Instagram posed a seemingly simple question… Can you name five women artists? I’m on Instagram on a daily basis and fully engaged with who and what is going on in the Arts so its not a hard task for me to name a long list of female artists who are smashing the art game. But for someone less engaged than I? The answer may not come so easily thus highlighting the importance of this campaign. It calls attention to the fact that women have not been treated equally in the art world, and today they remain dramatically underrepresented and undervalued in museums, galleries, and auction houses.

It was only a few short months ago I read a blog post titled “5 Artists You Should Already Be Following!” by Sophie Tea Art. The article introduced me to other exciting artists on Instagram. Following Sophie’s lead I’m taking the opportunity of International Women’s Day to introduce you to 5 female artists.

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From the Glitter boobs craze to making it to the top in Sophie’s world the notion of Starving Artist simply does not exist. If you’re an artist and struggling to market or sell your art I’d strongly recommend following Sophie’s art journey on Instagram. This girl is a killer boss babe and marketing genius. According to the Daily Mail Sophie has her eyes set on making £1 million this year and by looking at her Insta she is very much on track to meeting her target. The relentless demand for Sophie’s abstracts from the 100 day Abstract challenge is outstanding. The abstracts are posted for sale at £400 each daily at 8pm and is literally snapped up in seconds.

I first discovered Sophie when scrolling through Instagram & discovered we both painted the same Great White Shark. From that day on I’ve been a massive fan girl ever since. Just like her colourful abstracts Sophie lives her life full of colour - Expect plenty of travel, rainbow artworks and spectacular art shows.

Sophie lives an amazing life but she is a hard grafter. I think she is the hardest working artist on Instagram, slaving away for up to 15 hours a day in the studio. Sometimes I wonder does the girl ever sleep. So that’s enough girl crushing on Sophie and her amazing business.


If I was to personify the definition of women helping women in business it would be Shaylene Reynolds. Shaylene and myself both share a love for charcoal and is our preferred medium to work with. In fact I learnt most of my tips and tricks of how to draw with charcoal from Shaylene’s Youtube tutorials.

Although with over 14K followers on Instagram Shaylene is one of the few artists who is very open and easy to talk too. She doesn’t harbour any art secrets and is very generous with her time in helping others not to rip up their art and madly throw the pencil at a wall in frustration. (I’m talking from experience here!).

Shaylene runs a tight ship and if you don’t see her drawing you will either see her making & editing Youtube videos, writing a blog or featuring on a podcast. And if you don’t have an interest in art at all but love cats you must watch Shaylene’s stories of her grumpy cat Tiffany De Claude. With a superstar name like that how could not stop by just out of curiosity.

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If you've been following my blog than you would already be familiar with the name Anna Groniecka. Since working on our photoshoot together last June I’ve found a true friend in Anna. Not many of my friends are creative so to have found someone of like minded interests and from the same area as myself is a true blessing. I already owe so much to Anna (plans that I can’t disclose right now) but her kindness and generosity is a rarity.

I would describe Anna as the hidden gem of West Cork. Her talent as a photographer is not limited to wedding & portrait but also caters for commercial and creative projects. She is a well rounded photographer.

Not only is Anna a self employed hardworking mother, running her own studio with fellow photographer Laura Woods aptly named “The Space” but she also runs a photography course/ workshop/ mentorship under the name of Creative Maelstrom.

Anna’s strong work ethic clearly derives from her passion for photography. If you pop over to Anna’s blog it will give you a glimpse into her personal creative ideas. Below I’ve featured an image from Anna’s Harry Potter inspired photo session. I don’t think I need to write much more about her talent as the photo speaks for itself.

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Photo taken from Wild Atlantic Tattoo Show Facebook page. Logo was exclusively designed for the Wild Atlantic Tattoo Show by multi award winning artist Jen Danger Art


A bubbly, energetic woman inked in tattoos with bright pink hair to match her kick ass personality Jenny means business and what an impact she has made on the small town of Skibbereen with her phenomenal tattoo show.

When Jenny first came to Inspire’s office (my day job) she was on a huge mission to bring a massive tattoo show to West Cork. Now going into its 3rd year it gets bigger and better every year!

Jenny is a true visionary and knows exactly what she wants.. The community of artists and people attending the show are like one massive family. Hundreds of people descend onto Skibbereen every October not only to get inked but to support their friend.

Jenny carefully selects her artists and personally knows them well. If you’re looking for specific style of tattoo and not quite sure which artist to book with simply DM Jenny. She will point you in the right direction &. you won’t be disappointed. (side note - my flamingo tattoo was done at the show).

My flamingo tattoo from the Wild Atlantic Tattoo Show by Adele Potts


We are surrounded by art, by beauty, and everything could be considered art in some way. And its on this note that leads me to the final female artist.


We draw, dance and wear clothes as a way to express ourselves so why not do this with our nails. Nail art - it's the easiest way to add a little extra pizzazz to any manicure.

Abstract art on my nails

Appy Does Nails is a relatively new business with loads of exciting prospects to come. Appy is full of ideas of where she would like to take her business but one thing that will not change is all products used by Appy are vegan and cruelty free and her nail salon is a no MMA zone.

As a wildlife artist I fully support a business which cares about the environment and the impact their products have on it. Its hard to avoid plastic and harsh chemicals but when you come across suitable alternatives then I think its something you should switch to. Whatever small contribution you can make to the environment than do it! There is no planet B.


I could continue writing a never ending list of women with exceptional talent working in the Arts but I picked the best of the ‘gram and some who I know personally. To support women artists and advance gender equality I hope this article motivates you to check out their Instagram and follow their journey. Before I go I want to leave you with this question…Can you name five women artists?

Leave suggestions of other females artists and lets continue the conversation in the comment boxes below

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