• By - Jessica Pettit-Mee
  • 22 October, 2019

Wearing Alice Halliday Couture Creation - One of kind lace couture cape, lovingly & ethically handmade using reclaimed vintage materials. Available from Om Diva Boutique, Dublin

Yes, you read that right ever since May 2019 my business has gone from strength to strength. Never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned hosting my own solo show, have the opportunity to work with wonderful stockists across Ireland, being featured not only in a national but also an international publication in as little as over 6 months! Now we’re in October and there are only 3 months. left. of. this. DECADE. ! Let that sink in for a moment….

So how is she doing it you must be thinking? Well in all honesty there is no great strategic plan - I’m just growing as I grow. Sounds lofty and naive but I think when you adopt this approach to business curiosity puts the hard brakes on fear. You allow yourself to take those daring risks - Sure what else do you have to lose except somebody saying ‘No‘. But If I was to give one sound piece of advice it would be this…


Limiting beliefs are statements that we have decided are factual. This can come from our childhood, society or simply by the people we surround ourselves with. This rigid outlook dictates our behaviour and how we manifest (or don’t manifest) the things in our life.

The only way to overcome this is to simply change your relationship with these beliefs. This takes a bit of introspective work. Sit down with yourself and ask yourself what are your beliefs? For a long time I told myself I’d never make it as an artist, I’m not worthy as I’m not talented enough etc. Once I removed this negative and tiring outlook I changed my relationship with my limiting beliefs. I rewrote this narrative as I am worthy of success, I am good enough to become an artist.

The moment my energy shifted this negative mindset dissipated and the things I visualised started to present themselves as wishes fulfilled.

See below “Valiant” featured in the November 19 issue of House & Garden magazine. Entitled ‘The Art Edit’, this advertorial focuses on unique and captivating artwork to inspire their readers. The page is a beautifully designed mood-board style spread that is used as a market place for small and independent artists, designers and brands to share their work with House & Garden readers.

No. 42 “Valiant” by Jessica Ivy as seen in House & Garden Magazine.

November 19 cover issue of House & Garden Magazine

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