Best Things to do in West Cork Right Now

Best Things to do in West Cork Right Now

  • By - Jessica Pettit-Mee
  • 22 October, 2021

So, you’re planning to make a trip to Skibbereen and check out my art exhibition? Good choice! Having grown up in West Cork I congratulate you for having good taste! West Cork is a real gem and has no shortage of cool things to do and see.

Let’s jump to it and start planning your day trip. 

Skibbereen Farmers Market

Farmers Market box of flowers and vegetables 

Skibbereen Farmers market sells just about everything from organic fruit and veg, to delicious breads, meats, fish, cakes, crepes and chocolate. For foodies, it’s well worth a visit. If you have green fingers, some stalls sell plants and flowers too.

While people may come for the deals, they stay for the people. The opportunity to chat with the friendly locals and the vendors who run the stalls is worth the trip in itself.

West Cork Crafts

West Cork Crafts front store
(image source: West Cork

West Cork has a thriving ever-growing artisan community. It is home to many fantastic craft shops brimming full of the work of its native craftspeople. One store that proudly displays hand-made work by local craftspeople is West Cork Crafts. Offering everything from paintings to ceramics, from jewellery to textiles, this place has it all.

Jessica Ivy Art Exhibition 

West Cork Crafts is cooperatively run by local makers and I am incredibly honoured to display my artworks at their first art exhibition this weekend. The Homecoming collection takes place Oct 23-24 from 10am-5pm. Refreshments will be served on the day. Socially distanced and respecting all current guidelines.
Wildlife artist Jessica Ivy art exhibition poster

When thinking about what to serve at the exhibition during the Autumn season, I realised nothing is more warm and inviting than cinnamon buns. I will be serving up these autumnal buns courtesy of Flour + Water on the day. If you feel even more indulgent I highly recommend checking out their bakes. 

Cinnamon Buns


Leap Scarecrow Festival

On your way home stop off in Leap, a village taken over by scarecrows and many other spooky surprises. The Leap Scarecrow Festival, a Halloween family-friendly event, is immensely popular, with so many people attending, and joining in the fun. Check out the scarecrows showcased around the village and enjoy live entertainment and family activities throughout the weekend.

jessica ivy art scarecrow festival

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